Unconventional Products for World Domination

All of the articles and regular posts on The Art of Non-Conformity site are available free of charge with no advertising, sales pitches, or guilt trips.

Freely you have received, freely give. Also, join my small army and link to the site if you want to help.

In addition to the free content, I also offer a series of Unconventional Guides for sale. These products provide more detailed strategies and tactics for all your world domination needs.

Empire Building KitBuild an Empire

Our flagship product includes a war chest of case studies, video interviews, transcripts, and a 365-day email series (the longest in history) designed to help you build a lifestyle business in one year by doing one thing every day.

In short, it will help you escape the tyranny of a conventional working life. You can learn more about it or purchase here.


Frequent Flyer MasterTravel the World

After answering hundreds of emails about airfare and affordable travel, I wrote a 29-page report called the Unconventional Guide to Discount Airfare: Surviving Stress and Maximizing Fun.

18 months later, we upgraded the guide by creating a complete product to help democratize free travel. It includes a 25,000 Mile guarantee—enough for one free plane ticket.

In short, the guide will help you travel more often for less money. You can learn more about it or purchase here.


Unconventional Guide to Art and MoneyThrive as an Artist Without Selling Out

Why do so many artists fail in their quest to support themselves through their work? The answer has nothing to do with talent and everything to do with learning to think differently about new media.

The Unconventional Guide to Art and Money features case studies of six eight successful artists from the U.S., Canada, Wales, and Australia.

In short, it will help artists take control of their work instead of looking to others for success. You can learn more about it or purchase here.


Want Everything? That Can Be Arranged

We now offer several “combo packs” to serve those who want more than one product. Read about those options over here.

More offers may be available—visit UnconventionalGuides.com for the latest news and offers.



In addition to writing, I give a limited number of talks each year that highlight my belief in unconventional living as an important way to change the world. You can request a tour stop over here.