About the AONC Team

World Domination does not happen on its own. In our second third year of crusading against vampires, gatekeepers, and the forces of mediocrity, I’m slowly expanding the shop.

  • Chris GuillebeauChris Guillebeau, Publisher.

    I got the party started in February 2008, but thankfully I’m not alone. Being prone to roaming the world on short notice, I am the least reliable member of the team, which is why I’m expanding. When I’m not out and about, I live at World Domination Headquarters in Portland, Oregon. You can read more about me here.

  • Reese SpykermanReese Spykerman, Superstar Designer.

    Everyone knows Reese anyway, so it’s about time to put her on an About page. Reese lives her own life of non-conformity in Asia. She is responsible for all of my design and branding, including the AONC site, the email update series, the manifestos, the Unconventional Guides, and other upcoming projects.

    You can get a quote from her for your own work if you want, but try not to keep her too busy.

  • Nicky HajalNicky Hajal, Genius Developer.

    Web developer and kid wonder Nicky came along in 2009 with a modest proposal: “Let me make AONC a lot better, for free.” What a deal! Since then he’s upped his game, creating the back-end process for the Unconventional Book Tour and World Domination Summit sites.

    You can contact Nicky to check on a development project of your own, with the same rule as Reese: don’t keep him too busy!

  • Sean OgleSean Ogle, Affiliate Wrangler.

    I met Sean in Portland when he was a tie-wearing financial analyst. Now he lives the nomadic lifestyle from the Philippines and beyond. When not trying to hunt down Pacific Northwest beers in Asia, he helps with our 500+ affiliate partners in the Unconventional Guides business.

    You can read more about the affiliate program if you’d like, or check out Sean’s own global adventures.

  • Liberia the CatLiberia (AKA The Liberator), Comment Moderator and Responder to Critics.

    Jolie and I adopted Liberia on June 24, 2008, the same day I launched the World Domination manifesto. Having previously helped with my packing list, Liberia will now be responsible for dealing with vindictive people. (These people represent less than 1% of our user base, so I figure it won’t be too much for a cat to deal with.) In the future, please address any concerns directly to her. Responses may be delayed.