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Friends and readers, my first product in several months is now available. If you’re reading by RSS or email, come over and read all of the details here.

The guide will help you become your own Travel Ninja – someone who travels wherever they want at any time. It’s all about Travel Hacking, creative international travel, Round-the-World planning, and how to spend less money while traveling more.

Among other things, this guide offers detailed information on:

  • How to travel anywhere (literally) in the world
  • $350 airfare pricing strategy
  • Troubleshooting wait-lists, visa problems, and uncooperative airlines
  • Much more info on Round-the-World tickets and regional fares
  • Creative lodging opportunities, from $2-a-night hotels to advanced Priceline strategies
  • Geographic and economic arbitrage (how to save thousands of dollars by booking airfare in developing countries)
  • Coping with high oil prices and insane airlines

This guide greatly expands on the Discount Airfare Guide to cover more intermediate and advanced travel topics. However, you don’t need to be an advanced traveler to benefit from it – as long as you travel at least once a year, or if you’d like to travel more, Travel Ninja can help you.

Here are all the details – check it out!


Ninja Sewing by Sewits

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  • Ed says:

    Are your ideas geared to the lone traveller? What if there are 4 of us?

  • Jason Weaver says:

    I enjoyed both your earlier guides, Chris, and will look to pick this up in the future. Sounds very promising. I’m holding off for the moment because I won’t be going far until the British pound dusts itself off! We’re taking a beating here right now! No complaints, though, I was traveling throughout 2007 when the currency was world champion and lasted three times longer than I budgeted for…

  • Chris says:


    Well, I’m (usually) a lone traveler, but most of what I write about in the guides is valid for small groups as well.


    Thanks! I appreciate the kind words. Yes, feel free to hold off as long as you need. You’re correct about the currency – I’ve stayed away from the U.K. for the past three years due to losing so many $$$ when changing money. Now it is finally affordable to us again, although of course that means the opposite to you guys.

  • Jeff says:

    Hi Chris,

    First time commenter. I haven’t read your other guides, but this one is up my alley.

    After a year of disappointments and slamming headfirst into brick walls I’m finally at the point where my online “business” (I guess you call it that) can support my travel antics.

    I hope your guide will help me ninja a few plane tickets 🙂

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  • Federico says:

    Hello Chris,
    I just started reading the 100$ startup and I came across your website as well.
    Please I’m interested in your travel ninja guide.
    Can you help? Where can I buy it?
    Best regards,

  • Latarra Parker says:

    Hi Chris,

    Where can I purchase the Travel Ninja guide?

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  • khalifa says:

    Hello Chris,

    I found your your website a great idea I was wondering if your travel ninja guide it is available ?

    Best regard

    Louei KHALIFA

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  • Jacob says:


    How can I get travel ninja?? The links do not seem to work here 🙁



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