Make History by Eating Breakfast: Join Us for an All-New World Record

Link: Eat Waffles, Set a World Record (YES!)

When was the last time you broke a world record by eating breakfast?

Never, that's when. But fortunately for you, that's all about to change.

This summer, whether you're attending WDS or not, if you can make it to Portland on Friday, July 10, you can become a world record holder—and this time, the task required couldn't be easier.

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First Notice: WDS 2015 Tickets on Sale Wednesday, March 18

14640874552_81a5fc3f97_z For five years now, our volunteer team has produced a global adventure that takes place every year in Portland. This year will be our best event yet—and you should be there!

Here’s what you need to know:

*We’ll begin the FINAL ROUND of ticket sales for WDS 2015 on Wednesday, March 18 starting at 9am PST. We offer all tickets on a first-come, first-served basis, and we don’t hold back any tickets for sale at the event itself.

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WDS 2014: First Photos Now Online

We had a fantastic time at the fourth-annual World Domination Summit (WDS)! I’m incredibly sleep-deprived at the moment, but over the next few weeks I’ll be sharing stories, attendee blog posts, and eventually video of the event. For now, you can see more than 1,200 photos at the official media page. Side note: It appears…

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First Round of WDS 2014 Tickets Available

As mentioned in last week’s preview, we just released the first public round of ticket sales for WDS 2014. A few notes on this process –> 1. First-come, first-served We sell all tickets on a first-come, first-served basis. We can’t hold tickets for people, and after this sale is over, there won’t be any more…

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First Videos from #WDS2013

The focus of WDS is on creating a strong in-person experience, so we don’t do any live-streaming. However, we also realize that many people who aren’t able to attend in Portland are interested in seeing what it’s about. With that in mind, we recently released the first two speaker videos from this year’s extravaganza. Darren…

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Ready Or Not

If you want to get something done, don’t give yourself enough time to finish. Keep it short and tight. Give yourself a fixed deadline. WDS is the ultimate fixed deadline for our team, because there’s no way in the world it can be pushed back. Thousands of people book plane tickets and hotel rooms for…

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WDS 2013: A Partial (and Impartial) Recap

We did it! Ten days ago, nearly 3,000 people descended on Portland for the third annual World Domination Summit. Everyone asks what WDS is, and here’s what I usually say as a brief answer: WDS is an annual gathering of creative, unconventional people from all over the world. This brief answer doesn’t tell the whole…

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WDS 2013: Still Working On It

I had hoped to write up my comments on last week’s adventure with 2,800 people, but I’m still in recovery. There’s just too much to process, at least for me as the host. I hope to do so more next week in some fashion. In the meantime, here are a few posts that are making…

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World Domination: Achievement Unlocked

Over the past few days I’ve had very little sleep at night and an amazing time from 5am to midnight. Working with an incredible team, we welcomed 2,800 people to the Rose City for an adventure like no other. Several hundred initial photos are now available on our Flickr stream. I’ll be back on Thursday…

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Offline for World Domination

WDS 2013 Ambassador Orientation Photo by George Mihaly *** Greetings from Ground Zero in Portland, Oregon. Today and tomorrow, thousands of people (yeah) are arriving in town for the third annual World Domination Summit. We knew there was a lot of interest in WDS when we first started back in 2011, but the level of…

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Spring Cleaning (In Late June)

It’s been a jam-packed week here at World Domination HQ. We have thousands of people coming to town in just a few days, a sentence that sounds odd even as I type it here in the WordPress interface where this blog is published. Nevertheless, it’s true! Next week we’re also attempting to set a WORLD…

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