The Latest in Travel Hacking: Earn Free Airfare in 2012

Happy New Year!

On Sunday's long run, I pushed it to 12 miles in honor of 2012. I then tried to eat 12 pieces of nutella pie as a reward, but that plan fell through after piece #2.

As you're thinking about a new year, here's a free tip: forget resolutions; think about living intentionally instead.

What matters to you this year? Do that.

What do you hope to build in 2012? Work on that.

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The $24,213 Thank-You Letter

Dear Friends,

I got up at 5am in Anchorage last Monday to publish this post, all about a business offer I was partnering with to donate my proceeds to our Ethiopia project.

At the moment I pressed the publish button, I knew it was a good promotion and I trusted Karol and Adam—but I wasn't entirely sure how readers would respond. We had no pre-launch to let people know this was coming, it was a busy time of the year, and I was just wrapping up our own only-once-a-year sale at ...

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Happy Thanksgiving from Southeast Portland

If you don't live in the U.S., you may wonder why the internet is so quiet today. Everyone else around the world, this is the day you get the internet to yourselves. Use it well, friends, because America will be back online and shopping tomorrow.

I do have a sale going on at until Monday if you're interested (use discount code "PUMPKIN"). It's pretty much the only sale of the year over there, so it doesn't need much hype.

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Unconventional Guides Holiday Sale – Limited Time

Two years ago I started the business that now supports AONC in full, allowing us to operate the site without being beholden to advertisers or conducting donor drives.

If you're new here, I often use the “Weekend Update” space to talk about what's happening in the business—but while I've been on the Unconventional Book Tour, I haven't really promoted the business at all.

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Win an $873 Gift Package from Unconventional Guides

Greetings, friends and readers. Book tour is just under one month away. I'm freaking out at the prospect of visiting 63 cities, but we'll deal with that later. More news about the Unconventional Guides is expansion is below. If you just care about the contest, click this link when you're logged into Facebook –

--> Contest! Win big prizes! Click to enter.

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Freelancing Update from Bamako

Greetings from Bamako, Mali—en route back to Europe after a week in West Africa. This trip has been intense, but it's also been good. This time the temperature in West Africa was a more reasonable 90°F instead of the 250° it felt like in Equatorial Guinea last month. Roaming the region also felt familiar instead of foreign this time. Anyway, onwards and upwards. Four more countries to go this summer, and then I retire before touring America in the fall. This is the Sunday Store Update. I use this time to share some brief news about the business side of AONC.

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The Unconventional Guide to Freelancing

Greetings, friends and readers. As promised, our final business project of the year is now ready to head out the door (and it's only June!). The Unconventional Guide to Freelancing helps service providers become solution providers. If you want to get serious about building a sustainable business model around the skillset you use to serve clients and customers, this might be a good fit for you.

--> Learn more or pick it up here.

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Freelancers Needed… Long Work, No Pay, No Glory

Greetings, friends, readers, and small army. I went on vacation for a few days and am now ensconced back at home in the great city of PDX.

It's always fun to go on vacation as a self-employed person, because a) you still have to work, and b) no one thinks you do any work to begin with. So then when you go on vacation, they say, oh, must be nice that you don't have a job and can do that. Meanwhile on vacation I work six hours a day instead of ten. But it's all good ...

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Sunday Store Update, “Up in the Air” Edition

This week I finally got around to seeing Up in the Air, a movie everyone’s been asking me about recently. Aside from movies on airplanes themselves, of which I usually watch the first 20 minutes before doing something else, this was only my second movie of the year. Up in the Air, if you’re not familiar with it, is about a guy who loves travel so much that he essentially lives on planes and in Hilton suites throughout the U.S.As he says in the movie, “Last year I spent 322 days on the road, which means that I had to spend 43 miserable days at home.”

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Procrastinators Unite: ‘Unconventional Guides’ Gift Certificates Now Available

Greetings, friends and readers. I returned from my Annual Review and am ready to get to work on a big 2010. But first, there is the small matter of Christmas, Hanukkah, New Year’s, etc. If you’re a procrastinator like me (five shopping days left = plenty of time!), the new World Domination Store now includes gift certificates in amounts ranging from low to medium.

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Annual Review, Portland Run, Thanksgiving

I hope you all had a happy Thanksgiving (fellow U.S. citizens) and enjoyed the quiet internet (everyone else) while the folks over here ate birds and went shopping. This morning I completed my final long run in Oregon until the end of the year. I made it about 15 miles and thought about all the things that have happened in 2009. It’s a long list, and I could have kept thinking, but 15 miles is about my limit these days in terms of running. Afterwards I came home and started packing a bag, also for the last time this year ...

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Launch of New Unconventional Guides Site

Over the past few weeks I've been preparing to kick off a new online home for the business side of AONC. It's finally ready! Well, almost. The site is in beta mode for the next week as we tidy up a few things and make it even more awesome. Remember, I help people for free every day and have no plans to stop. I’m beyond thrilled that anyone cares about what I have to say. However, I’m also excited about the launch of my new business home. This has been on the schedule for the past several months, and even though it’s not 100% complete yet, it’s good enough to go live as we complete the final touches.

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