A Few Things In the Mix

For a long time I’ve been troubled by the fact that there are many, many amazing people who are part of this community in addition to doing other awesome things—yet we don't do a good job of telling their stories. Just as we're actually making Unconventional Guides now instead of just saying that we should, I'm finally working on addressing this problem.

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A Tale of Two Designers

In The $100 Startup I wrote about two young art school graduates from Columbus, Ohio who had built a successful design business. Their business initially began by chance, when a map they’d made for themselves turned into a hugely popular online product, with orders coming in from all over the world. Very quickly, Jen Adrion…

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Unconventional Guides Mega-Sale (“Everything Must Go” Edition)

For everyone in the U.S., I hope you had a great Thanksgiving holiday yesterday. For everyone elsewhere, I hope you enjoyed having the internet to yourself. Over at Unconventional Guides, we host a sale only once a year—and it's this weekend! This sale is different from all others. As alluded to a few times in recent months, we're making some big changes. Among other things, I'm going all-in with the new course we're building, Adventure Capital. We'll be launching in beta right after the holidays, and then more publicly about six weeks later.

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Behind the Scenes of the “Unconventional Guide to Publishing” Launch

I woke up before 6am on Tuesday morning, eager for a big day. A product launch is always filled with lots of emotions, especially in the first few critical hours. What would happen? Dun dun dun ...

At 7:30 there was a knock on my door. It's Nicky Hajal! Our genius developer (AKA “kid wonder”) had arrived from New York the previous day. Nicky was in town along with Wes and Tera, our media team, for a tour of venues for this year's World Domination Summit ...

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