EBK Day 4, Part II: Live from Amtrak’s “Bloggers’ Lounge”

A few notes on our very busy day here:

1. If you're traveling on Amtrak at some point, I recommend the blueberry pancakes for breakfast.

2. Thanks for all the birthday congratulations. You guys are great.

3. A reader told me about the Bottomless Cup coffee shop in Havre, Montana. We have 25 minutes in Havre this afternoon and I'm going to try to make a mad latte dash. If I don't make it back in time, J.D.'s in charge!

4. Oh, and the Empire Building Kit has been flying off the shelves! Holy cow.

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EBK Day 3: “All Aboard the Empire Builder”

Last night J.D. Roth, Alexandra Levit, Adam Baker, and I spent time with the Chicago edition of the small army. Big thanks to everyone who came out to say hi! Thanks as well to everyone who has been supporting J.D.'s launch of Your Money: The Missing Manual. It really is a great resource, as long as you ignore the non-conformist guy profiled in Chapter One. J.D. works hard on everything he does, and I've learned a lot from him.

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