Visiting the Hidden Speakeasy in Downtown Sydney, Australia


Searching for a great cocktail in Australia is a quest of its own. For most Australians, a cocktail means "gin and tonic" or "margarita"—they have great wines in this part of the world, but legit mixed drinks are hard to come by.

That just means you have to look harder, of course.

I found a modern-day speakeasy hidden away in the Central Business District of Sydney. Finding the general area wasn’t difficult, but there was a trick to finding the speakeasy itself: you had to avoid an imposter bar located right outside. The imposter bar looked fine—just a normal pub with the typical overpriced drinks of Sydney.

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A Box in the Mail Every Once in a While

Have you ever said to yourself, “I wish @chrisguillebeau would send me a box of surprises in the mail?” Of course you have. Is your life incomplete without paper airplane books and whiskey stones? Of course it is. Thanks to advances in technology and a new service in California, you can now solve both of…

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