Unconventional Guides Mega-Sale (“Everything Must Go” Edition)

For everyone in the U.S., I hope you had a great Thanksgiving holiday yesterday. For everyone elsewhere, I hope you enjoyed having the internet to yourself. Over at Unconventional Guides, we host a sale only once a year—and it's this weekend! This sale is different from all others. As alluded to a few times in recent months, we're making some big changes. Among other things, I'm going all-in with the new course we're building, Adventure Capital. We'll be launching in beta right after the holidays, and then more publicly about six weeks later.

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Happy Thanksgiving from Southeast Portland

If you don't live in the U.S., you may wonder why the internet is so quiet today. Everyone else around the world, this is the day you get the internet to yourselves. Use it well, friends, because America will be back online and shopping tomorrow.

I do have a sale going on at until Monday if you're interested (use discount code "PUMPKIN"). It's pretty much the only sale of the year over there, so it doesn't need much hype.

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Unconventional Guides Holiday Sale – Limited Time

Two years ago I started the business that now supports AONC in full, allowing us to operate the site without being beholden to advertisers or conducting donor drives.

If you're new here, I often use the “Weekend Update” space to talk about what's happening in the business—but while I've been on the Unconventional Book Tour, I haven't really promoted the business at all.

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