Adventures in Envelope Stuffing Update: There’s Still Time to Earn 9 Free Hotel Nights

17202588426_41210e313f_z Last fall I mentioned a special travel hacking adventure available to pretty much everyone capable of handwriting their name and address over and over on an index card:

If your hand hasn't fallen off yet, there’s still time to do this. The deadline is February 15 and it will probably take some time to get organized, so if you’re up for it, don’t leave it until the last minute.

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Hate Paying Taxes? It Could Be a Lot Worse: You Might Not Have to Pay Them

I do wish it were simpler. I was surprised last year to learn that I agreed with Donald Rumsfeld on something.

Part of it is my own fault: I keep starting new businesses and entities. I have a tax return for my career as an author, another for my entrepreneurial work, another for WDS, another for the WDS Foundation (a separate organization), and now another for Pioneer Nation. Who knows what else I’ll have next year!

Why can’t Amazon or Zappos or Apple figure this out for the federal government? Imagine the possibilities.

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Last Chance for $250 Statement Credit on SimplyCash Card (Ends February 24)

Link: AmEx SimplyCash Card

Years ago I earned a lot of different bank signup bonuses, running around to multiple banks to open accounts in exchange for a $100 (sometimes more) credit. It was essentially a $50/hour job, only limited by the number of available offers. My only problem was remembering where all the accounts were, and if there were certain requirements I had to meet before receiving the credit.

There’s essentially another opportunity like that now—and it’s more than $100, and you don’t have to run around to banks for it. The SimplyCash Business Card from American Express is offering a $250 statement credit with no annual fee.

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