Buy One Wedding, Get a Honeymoon Free

One time I went to Dubai for my honeymoon, except it wasn’t really my honeymoon. I was traveling with Stephanie, my longtime friend, travel hacking colleague, and frequent travel companion. Even though she is basically a member of my family, Stephanie and I aren’t partners in the romantic sense—which occasionally leads to humorous encounters when we travel.

For some reason, our hotel in Dubai had gotten the idea that it was our honeymoon. When they assigned us a luxury three-bedroom apartment as our room, we may have failed to correct their impression. We did, however, express our gratitude for the free champagne they also gave us.

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Free Report on 30 Successful Online Business Ideas

Link: 30 Successful Business Ideas (Free Report)

I’ve been an online entrepreneur for more than 15 years. I know, I’m old—but I do know a thing or two about this industry. People often think that entrepreneurship is about having grand ideas and building a huge team, but some of the best little businesses I’ve found have been totally random and operated entirely by one person.

Sometimes the new business owner continues to keep her job and just does it on the side. Sometimes it grows into something big and mighty, but sometimes it stays small and mighty—and of course, that's great too.

I profiled many of these businesses in The $100 Startup, and continue to write about them on the blog from time to time.

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Quarterly: A Box of Surprises In the Mail

Want to receive fun surprises in the mail ... four times a year? I thought so. Quarterly is a new subscription service that offers a surprise package each quarter from interesting people. I'm not sure why they thought I was an interesting person, but I liked the idea of sharing some of my favorite things with you—so a few months ago, we sent out a package to an initial group of recipients.

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When to Buy and When to Sit it Out

Whenever I release a new product, I always get questions from people wanting to know if they should buy it. For years I never knew how to answer this question—I just said, “Sorry, I’m not good at providing personal recommendations on products. If you’re uncertain, skip this one and read the blog for free.”

I said that for a couple of different reasons. First, I never want anyone to feel any kind of pressure to sign up for something if it’s not an amazing fit for them. I like product launches, but I also like to sleep at night.

Second, what I said was true—I’m honestly not good at determining whether a particular product is good for someone or not! Everyone’s situation is different.

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Stuck in San Francisco (Also: A Product Launch! Yeah!)

I was going down to SF to see Ramit Sethi, an expert on negotiation and psychology. Ramit and I have known each other for a while, and he asked me to film a segment in his studio for an upcoming course.

I should explain now that Ramit and I, along with Jonathan Fields, have the habit of calling everyone dude, regardless of their age or gender.

I texted Ramit:

Dude, flight delay up here. What should I do?

He wrote back:

Dude, hold on. I’m busy counting stacks of money!

Just kidding—Ramit didn’t actually say that. He was busy filming someone else, but I heard from his assistant and we quickly looked at the schedule together.

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Adventure Capital Returns: Grow Your Small Business Through Deliberate Action

This morning we reopened Adventure Capital for general admission! It's been nearly six weeks since our initial beta launch, and we're now ready to welcome a wider group of members.

-->Check out the site over here, or read more below.

Adventure Capital is an intensive, 12-month series of modules. Each month you'll receive a new module focusing on specific strategies and tactics you can apply in your business.

I want to help a special group of people over the past year with this project. It's definitely not for everyone, so check it out and see if it's for you.

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Win an $1,800 Scholarship to Adventure Capital

Four weeks ago, we launched Adventure Capital to a small group of beta members.

We're now gearing up to launch it more widely... next week! Wednesday, May 29 is the day when our initial group will be available to refer new members, and a few special partners will be writing about it as well.

But first! In the spirit of adventure, we're giving away two full scholarships to the entire year-long program.

Win a Full Scholarship (Short Version)

It's very basic. Adventure Capital is all about helping new business owners increase income by taking deliberate action over the course of a year. To enter, simply comment in this post about what kind of business you'd like to start, improve, or grow.

We'll choose two winners on Sunday night at 6pm PST.

-->Enter the contest here

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Product Launch Lessons from Adventure Capital

After producing a new project, I try to circle back and share a few of the lessons learned. Last week we had a small beta launch for Adventure Capital, a new business course, so it's time for another breakdown.

It's been a long time since I've released a paid product of any kind, and there's nothing for sale in this post. If you're creating offers of your own, or if you're just curious how things went with the beta launch last week, I hope the lessons are helpful.

Let's kick off the debrief!

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