Washington D.C. Meetup, 676,358 Frequent Flyer Miles, and Tribal Author

Last weekend I completed my 2009 running goal by running my second half-marathon of the year. The weather was bad and I actually got lost on the course, ending up with a “half-+-2-miles-marathon.” Overall, I like the half-marathon distance much better. Welcome to the Sunday Store Update, where I share updates about the business side of AONC and any other relevant announcements. In this case I’m putting several things into one post ...

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Charity Dinner and Auction (Portland area) – Friday, October 23

Friends in Portland, if you’ll be around on Friday, October 23rd, I’d like to invite you to a benefit dinner and auction for a cause I am proud to support. The Short Version:

What: Dinner and auction for Sisters of the Road, a local non-profit that serves the homeless population in Portland.

When: Friday, October 23rd, 6-10pm (includes dinner, drinks, auction, and something called a “hoedown”)

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Extreme Gratitude, Hometown Edition


On Thursday night, about 50% of Portland, Oregon descended upon the Pied Cow, a local beer garden to talk about travel, entrepreneurship, blogging, and all kinds of other topics.

At one point a waitress came over to ask what our group was working on, and someone said "World Domination." Nice one. Later on, the same waitress told me we were "the most polite group of non-conformists" she had ever met, which I also appreciated.

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Extreme Gratitude, NYC Edition

Greetings from the Atlanta-Hartsfield airport, home to Delta, Chick-fil-A, and a hidden post office in Terminal E. I used to fly through ATL all the time, but since I've switched airline allegiance, this is the first time I've been here in nearly a year. Tonight I'm headed down to MIA and then further down to South America. I'm excited! But first, let's catch up on the past week ...

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