Motivation and Product Launches

For a few months I used this image as my laptop background. Why do you do the things you do? is always a good question to ask yourself, whether in business or in life. This is the Sunday Store Update, where I write about the business side of AONC. Earlier this week I had the quietest product launch in world AONC history. A few weeks beforehand, we took over the internet with a barrage of announcements and reviews for the Empire Building Kit.

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Empire Building Kit: Take III

Two months ago, the Empire Building Kit launched out into the world. Thirty days later, we did it again, in one crazy launch with 30+ partners. Today, it's going out again -- once and for all. As of today, the EBK will be permanently available on Empire building for everyone! Yay.

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Abundance vs. Scarcity, “Fun Shopping Cart Messages” Edition

Greetings from Frankfurt airport... or actually the skies between Europe and Africa, as I should be southbound to Equatorial Guinea when this goes out. Let the record show I'm in the back of the Lufthansa aircraft on this trip, with a bonus “wait-on-the-plane-an-extra-two-hours” stopover in Abuja. Sometimes even travel ninjas go long-haul Economy Class, when no upgrades are available.

This is the Sunday Store Update, where I look at some brief news about the business side of AONC ...

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Empire Builder Strikes Back (on Tuesday)

Greetings, friends and readers. Thanks to everyone at the Seattle Consortium of Travel who welcomed me to their event on Thursday night. I opened up the talk with a “Name That Airport Code” game with airline amenity kits as prizes. You know a talk is going to go well when people start getting excited about a bag that contains a toothbrush and comb.

This is the Sunday Store Update, where I post some brief news about the business side of AONC. This week the news is… the Empire is returning!

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EBK Day 5 Update: Home Where the Light Is

We pulled into Portland's Union Station this morning at 10:20 a.m. I have no plans for the rest of the week, and might even take a day off tomorrow. As promised, we closed down the order page for the Empire Building Kit right at the 24-hour point, and no additional sales will be made for at least one month. Thanks to everyone who purchased, and thanks to everyone else who read along or told someone about it. If you missed it and want to learn more about when it will be available again, you can join the waiting list here.

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EBK Day 4, Part II: Live from Amtrak’s “Bloggers’ Lounge”

A few notes on our very busy day here:

1. If you're traveling on Amtrak at some point, I recommend the blueberry pancakes for breakfast.

2. Thanks for all the birthday congratulations. You guys are great.

3. A reader told me about the Bottomless Cup coffee shop in Havre, Montana. We have 25 minutes in Havre this afternoon and I'm going to try to make a mad latte dash. If I don't make it back in time, J.D.'s in charge!

4. Oh, and the Empire Building Kit has been flying off the shelves! Holy cow.

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The Empire Building Kit Is Here!

The big day has arrived! Greetings from North Dakota, where I'm riding along the Empire Builder train en route to Montana, Washington, and eventually my home in Portland. As promised, the Empire Building Kit is now live. This project will help a select group of people build a sustainable lifestyle business in one year by doing one thing every day.

Read more or order your own copy here.

This initial launch is strictly limited to 24 hours only.

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EBK Day 3: “All Aboard the Empire Builder”

Last night J.D. Roth, Alexandra Levit, Adam Baker, and I spent time with the Chicago edition of the small army. Big thanks to everyone who came out to say hi! Thanks as well to everyone who has been supporting J.D.'s launch of Your Money: The Missing Manual. It really is a great resource, as long as you ignore the non-conformist guy profiled in Chapter One. J.D. works hard on everything he does, and I've learned a lot from him.

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EBK Day 2: What the Empire Building Kit Is All About

Alright — I know I'm supposed to be much more strategic about this, but I've been in Cape Verde, speaking at TedX Pittsburgh, and so on. The best pre-launch plans do not account for British Airways strikes, conference calls with my publisher in various airports, and 46-hour Amtrak rides with uncertain internet access. Today I'm in Chicago with J.D. Roth. He's never been here before, so we're wandering around throughout the day and heading out to a couple of events later ...

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How Much Should the Empire Building Kit Cost?

reetings from Cape Verde, everyone. What a crazy trip it's been. Over the weekend I'll return to the U.S., visit Pittsburgh for their TedX event, and make it to Chicago for the beginning of Empire Building week.

One week from yesterday (yikes), I'll launch my biggest business project of the year while riding the Amtrak rails home to Oregon. If you're new to AONC or just want to catch up, check out these entries ...

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Weekend Update, “Got a Few Contest Entries” Edition

Greetings, friends and readers. Welcome to the Sunday Store Update, where I share some brief news about the business side of AONC. If you're new here, we're in the middle of an important “Empire Building Kit” launch. The launch is Wednesday, April 7th, live from the 46-hour Empire Builder train going from Chicago to Portland. Good times. (I hope.) Today's news is that the recent EBK contest is over—we've chosen two winners!

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