The Empire Building Kit Is Here!

The big day has arrived! Greetings from North Dakota, where I'm riding along the Empire Builder train en route to Montana, Washington, and eventually my home in Portland. As promised, the Empire Building Kit is now live. This project will help a select group of people build a sustainable lifestyle business in one year by doing one thing every day.

Read more or order your own copy here.

This initial launch is strictly limited to 24 hours only.

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EBK Day 2: What the Empire Building Kit Is All About

Alright — I know I'm supposed to be much more strategic about this, but I've been in Cape Verde, speaking at TedX Pittsburgh, and so on. The best pre-launch plans do not account for British Airways strikes, conference calls with my publisher in various airports, and 46-hour Amtrak rides with uncertain internet access. Today I'm in Chicago with J.D. Roth. He's never been here before, so we're wandering around throughout the day and heading out to a couple of events later ...

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How Much Should the Empire Building Kit Cost?

reetings from Cape Verde, everyone. What a crazy trip it's been. Over the weekend I'll return to the U.S., visit Pittsburgh for their TedX event, and make it to Chicago for the beginning of Empire Building week.

One week from yesterday (yikes), I'll launch my biggest business project of the year while riding the Amtrak rails home to Oregon. If you're new to AONC or just want to catch up, check out these entries ...

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On Synchronicity and the Building of Empires

It all started when I was feeling overwhelmed in the development of Empire Building Kit, my biggest business project of the year.

I've been working hard on it for weeks, but with all the material I'm putting in, I could see it would need more time.

I'veThen I started making plans for the big trip I'm starting later tonight. I'll be in Central America this weekend, enjoying cheese empanadas and café con leche while working from the road. Then, I'm going across the Atlantic for visits to the Ukraine, Cyprus, and Cape Verde. On the way back I stop off in Pittsburgh for a talk before continuing home.

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