Fear, Doubt, UNCERTAINTY, Brilliance: Book Launch!

Earlier this year I went to Austin to co-facilitate a discussion at SXSW with Jonathan Fields. Our topic was “Fear and the Art of Creation,” and we had a great crowd. Despite the challenging time slot of early Sunday morning, tons of people showed up and filled the room. I said a few things in an attempt to sound mildly intelligent (my secret: always be the opening act and get off stage quickly), and then Jonathan said some much more intelligent things. The image from this post includes a few of the stories we shared with the audience over the course of an hour (hat tip to Ogilvy Notes for the fun illustration).

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AONC Book Launch! (AKA “I Has a Book”)

Greetings from Lexington Avenue on the small island of Manhattan. Since I haven't slept much in the past two and a half days, I'm not sure why I got a hotel room—but I'm grateful for the coffee maker and connection to the outside world. Today, my first book is available for purchase in bookstores everywhere. Get it on Amazon, at Barnes & Noble, Borders, Chapters, or support your local bookstore.

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