Freelancing Update from Bamako


Greetings from Bamako, Mali—en route back to Europe after a week in West Africa.

This trip has been intense, but it’s also been good. This time the temperature in West Africa was a more reasonable 90°F instead of the 250° it felt like in Equatorial Guinea last month. Roaming the region also felt familiar instead of foreign this time.

Anyway, onwards and upwards. Four more countries to go this summer, and then I retire before touring America in the fall.


This is the Sunday Store Update. I use this time to share some brief news about the business side of AONC.

Before leaving town, we launched the Unconventional Guide to Freelancing – the final guide of the year. Since that time, my co-conspirator Charlie Gilkey has been adding even more material to the package. We have two new interviews coming this week, for example—including one with superstar designer Reese Spykerman. I’m also working on an income analysis to help freelancers of all kinds raise their rates. This analysis will be free to everyone who has the guide, though we may raise our own rates (in the price of the guide) later on.

At first we weren’t sure if this project was suitable for people who aren’t yet self-employed—the goal was to make a “301-level” package to help those who are already on their own grow their business to a more sustainable and profitable level. We’ve been getting a lot of feedback that it will also be helpful to those who are just getting started—so I suppose the lesson is, listen to your audience.

Charlie will also be doing three separate group coaching calls (one per month for three months) for those who pick up the “Bag O’ Chips” edition, which is well worth the cost all on its own. You can learn more about the Freelancing Guide here, and the rest of the store is over here.


Alright, that’s it for now. Next stop, Kazakhstan—then homeward bound for another couple of weeks. Here’s wishing you well, wherever you are.

– Chris


Image: Alex

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