Site Update: May 2009

This overdue monthly update comes to you from the Dominican Republic – I’m actually not there now, but that’s where I wrote most of this update, so we’ll call it good. *** Each month I look back at what’s happened with in the previous month. If you’ve missed some articles, you can catch up…

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Update on Location Independent and the “Art and Money” Guide

It's time for the Sunday Store Update. I use this time every Sunday afternoon to tell you more about the small business I'm building to support the rest of the site.

I have a no-hype marketing policy, and I ask that you don't buy anything from me unless you have a clear need for the product. All regular content is ad-free and freely available.

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Keeping It Real

Whenever a community experiences rapid growth, some people feel left out. New people come in and don't know the history. Meanwhile, the people who have been around for a while worry that they have been forgotten in all the excitement.

A good leader needs to be able to reach out to new people, expand the pie, while also "keeping it real" as much as possible.

This is my attempt to do so, live on location from the Dominican Republic.

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Happy Easter from 97214

Rerouted-Stream Hello everyone, and Happy Easter from my corner of the world. To friends who celebrate Passover, my thoughts are with you as well.

There's no Sunday Store Update today, although the store itself is still there. I get notes every week from people who have started working for themselves or traveling the world thanks to my guides. I like that. More products are on the way, and I'll explain all the details when the time comes. Today, however, I'm thinking about other things.

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Happy Birthday to the Art of Non-Conformity


I started posting here one year ago this week. 34 countries, 174 posts, and 2700 comments later, here we are.

I've learned a lot over the past year, but rather than go through it here I'll be sharing the details in a longer manifesto that I've been working on for a while. If all goes well, it should be ready for your consideration in another 30 days or so.

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New Home in Portland, Oregon


Hey everyone, welcome to the weekend edition of the Art of Nonconformity. It’s not really an official thing, at least not yet – it’s just for those of you who read by RSS or who happen to stop by the site on Saturdays. I figure I’ll use it for personal updates and random things that don’t fit in a Monday or Thursday post.

Today’s Big News Is that I No Longer Live in Seattle

Yes, it’s true. World Domination HQ is now located a few hours south of the original base in Seattle. Articles and other world-changing information is now published live from my new home of Portland, Oregon.

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On Returning to Wal-Mart after a 4-Year Absence

Until a few months ago, the last time I visited a Wal-Mart store was more than four years ago. There are no Wal-Marts in Africa (yet), nor are there any in central Seattle where I live now. Last Christmas, however, I received a gift that I didn’t really have a use for. Attached to the…

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