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A Tale of Two Designers


In The $100 Startup I wrote about two young art school graduates from Columbus, Ohio who had built a successful design business.

Their business initially began by chance, when a map they’d made for themselves turned into a hugely popular online product, with orders coming in from all over the world. Very quickly, Jen Adrion and Omar Noory became self-employed. They quit their jobs and decided to see how far they could take their brand-new shop.

I told that story in the book two years ago, but what’s been more interesting to watch is what came next.

Since then, Jen and Omar have proved that they weren’t a one-hit wonder. They made more products… and more people bought them. They started (carefully and cautiously) taking on outside commissions, including work for Southwest Airlines and the Cosmopolitan hotel.

Over time, they built a real business—not just a business opportunity.

What Came Next & Why It Matters


Jen & Omar achieved what many people long for—true creative freedom. It wasn’t about getting rich, it was about building a life oriented around work they loved.

They now operate a six-figure business. Over the holidays they were snowed under with a huge pile of orders, many coming from a partnership with Nordstrom.

Even better, no one can take away their business. With more than 15,000 customers from all over the world, their work isn’t dependent on any single revenue source, and it isn’t dependent on the economy. They’ve built a tremendous asset: strong relationships and a reputation for quality products.

If you have an interest in the arts, pay attention to what they’ve done. It’s truly impressive, and best of all—it’s replicable.

Why Do Many Creative People Struggle?

It’s a common problem: the artist, designer, photographer, or crafter who has incredible talent… but a bank account that doesn’t justify moving into a fancy loft, or even paying the bills.

Talented creatives often end up working for someone else, often at a company or studio. There’s nothing wrong with a j-o-b, of course—if that’s what you want. But if my inbox is any indicator, for every happily employed designer or artist, there are a dozen who desperately long for something different.

The alternative is to go it alone. Put out your shingle! (Or at least, put out your PayPal button. These days, most shingles are virtual.)

But as you may be aware, many creative types struggle to go it alone. Sometimes they do great work, but no one knows about it. Other times they they do great work, and people say “That’s nice.” (It would be better if the people said, “That’s nice… I’d like to buy it.”)

Still other times they do great work, but don’t know what to charge for it or how to run the business side of things. The list of challenges goes on and on.

These opposing, equally poor choices—either work for the man in a job you hate, or struggle to get by on your own—represent the sum total of considered options for many talented people.

Are artists destined to starve or struggle? Not really. Some do just fine! Perhaps a better question is: What have the successful people learned—what do they do differently from the others?


Photo: Got a few orders to send out…

There’s a better way than choosing between employment and fumbling. Jen & Omar—and many others—succeeded by following a few simple rules and adapting as they went along.

Coming Soon: An Incredibly Helpful Resource

Over the past six months, when Jen & Omar haven’t been trekking to the post office to ship out thousands of prints, they’ve been working with me on creating a comprehensive toolkit that shows exactly how they’ve created their success.

This toolkit goes beyond anything we’ve built in the past year or two—in fact, the only projects to compare it to are The $100 Startup (three years in the making) and the Empire Building Kit (dozens of interviews and the longest follow-up email series in history).

What Jen & Omar have done rivals these resources in terms of heft and helpfulness. They’ve written hundreds of pages, created a complete pricing spreadsheet (the same one they’ve used to sell hundreds of thousands of dollars in product), and then gone to talk to twenty-one additional experts to get their secrets too. It’s quite the package—but more on that later.

We’ll be launching this resource in just over two weeks, and it’s a big deal. Up to the launch I’ll be sharing stories from their work and lessons from this new project. Right now I just wanted to say… this is coming! And even if you’re not interested in the eventual resource, I hope you can learn something along the way.

I know I’m biased, but I firmly believe that working for yourself is the best option for many of us. Whenever something comes along that helps people get closer to this reality, I get excited.

Bunch o' Maps Bitches

Oh, and one more thing: if you’re not an artist, designer, crafter, or maker yourself—maybe there’s someone you know who needs to hear about this. Feel free to send them to this post, or just keep watching over the next two weeks.

Question: are you an artist of any kind? Have you ever tried to sell your art?

Let us know in the comments, and stay tuned for more info on Thursday.


*Jen & Omar will also be on site at Pioneer Nation this March. Join us!

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  • Ragnar says:

    Inspiring. I used to write fiction and poems, but I gave that up somewhere along the way. I never dabbled in the visual arts because I felt that I lacked talent. I still can’t draw a straight line to this day… hmm.

  • I would LOVE for the “starving artist archetype” to totally disappear and to make space for a new inspiring one: the abundant & successful artist that gets his/her work into the world.

    Some artist would say that “art is not about money”, and I agree, but a starving artist serves no one.

    How about tapping into the Inner Creative Genius to create an abundant & successful art business?
    I would love to see more of that. The world needs this.


  • Vicki Simon says:

    I’m a designer. This story is impressive and seems remarkable. My story is that it took me 6 years of formal training (school) + 10 years of working in design firms + 10 years of working for myself to build a reputation, contacts in my field, which ultimately built my then 5,000 customer database. I didn’t know any shortcuts then, and I’m not sure what they are now, other than to say digital marketing wasn’t around at the time and had nothing to do with it. I developed a product that sold to the market I was once a part of: designing rugs to sell to other designers for their projects. So, I already “knew” my market really well, and filled a niche. Having artistic talent and business acumen did the rest.

    I want to add something I read last night that one of the French band members of Daft Punk said which really resonated with me that in their route to fame they didn’t chase the money in order to keep control. Many labels approached them but the went for the independent even though the money was less. “We’ve got more control than money. We chose. Control is Freedom”.

  • Robin says:

    Thanks so much for this article! I so needed this as I am starting a business right now and this was so encouraging!

  • Annie says:

    I’m a photographer and digital artist who is currently selling work predominantly through online sites. The online market is hugely saturated, though, making it difficult to get noticed. I’m having a bit of luck through art fairs and a few stores that showcase my work. Although I’m an introvert, when it comes to my art I’m finding that I prefer these face-to-face dealings. I’m very surprised!

    I’m looking forward to checking out this upcoming resource!

  • Paul says:

    I love the fact that they took the chance to live the life they want. I hate the apathy I see every day of the people who hate their jobs and forget they have a choice in the matter. I love when they say but I would have to start over and give up my four weeks vacation. So they stay in the suck job for another twenty years.

  • Katana says:

    I sold my last painting for 600$, illustrated a book cover for $140, am working on Montessori flash cards for $10 per illustration, have painted family portraits, am running the social media content creation for, and am generally a quality, professional artist. I could handle being busier, however, and more systemized, my shingle is good but still a little bit hard to figure out what i offer.

  • Lena says:

    Really excited for this resource to get here! I’m a graphic designer / illustrator in the process of trying to build my business into the awesomeness I know it can be.

  • John Morton says:

    One of my problems is that I’m working for THE MAN, not as an artist, but as a machinist on an off shift. I’ve made attempts to sell some of my work before, but haven’t sold much. Now I’m out of practice and struggle to find time to make the art. I am taking steps towards increasing my output and feel a renewed motivation having read The $100 Startup shortly after Christmas, but 2013 was a year of big changes and some of the dust is still settling. Hopefully 2014 will bring better changes yet.

  • Guy Bouchard says:

    I am into photography for myself since a long time. Last year i got paid twice for my work. I was not really looking for a photo gig but i got 2. It was very fun and customers were happy. My girlfriend suggest i go full-on this way but i am a bit afraid (of what? Who knows! Sometime, we fear most the succes than the failure). I will have to think about it. Sorry if my writing is a bit weird. I am a french canadian!

  • @DougLynch says:

    As a purchaser of the Art + Money Unconventional Guide, I would love it if some of Jen and Omar’s ideas made their way into an addendum for it.

  • Tisha says:

    I’m familiar with Jen and Omar from the $100 Startup. As an artist, their story stood out for me, so I’m excited to see what you guys have created 🙂 I somewhat recently, began to put my work online. As someone who was taught in college that art galleries are the only way to go, it can sometimes feel like you are paving your own path with selling work online, etc. Needless to say, it’s awesome to see more and more resources like this becoming available.

  • Arlen Miller says:

    Fascinating indeed. Keep it coming, Mr. Chris! My desire is to help people tell their stories through ghost or ‘with-writing’ and then help publish it online and in print. I’ve helped one Haitian man get his story into print 12 years ago and a first time author get his first book printed last year. I still need help in the profitability dept. I know the demand is huge, I just need to learn the way to make it work to create life margin, etc.

  • Jess says:

    I can’t wait for this new toolkit!

  • Holli says:

    I’ve been a long-time reader, and you inspired me to start a blog at the Seattle reading of The Art of Nonconformity. This blog turned into a small but growing photography business. I own Art & Money and after 2 years (as of this month), I still don’t have a large enough base to make ends meet.

    The key points most books/guides don’t cover are:
    1. How to get noticed
    2. How long it could take to see growth and money (this may be the hardest part as some have said in photography it’s an overly saturated market).

    For me, as a photographer I offer art photography and as a service. Both make about the same amount of money, but not enough to provide a living salary in Seattle.

    All of this to say, I’m looking forward to this new project!

  • jazz says:

    Thank you I look forward to listening/ reading. I have been trying to become a contractor/ small bus owner for a long time and I think its time to get more help!

  • Amanda says:

    I love it! I can think of quite a few friends who would also benefit from this article 🙂
    I look forward to it and can’t wait to hear about what they went through!

  • Thanks so much for the inspiration to keep working towards the goal of making a living from my art. I know it can be done and I look up to those who are already doing it. I look forward to hearing more…

    My art is in the fiber arts arena, specializing in making beautiful handmade scarves for women.

  • Kimi Clark says:

    I’m a (new) freelance writer, (Yeah, I said it out loud!), but two of my kids are artists. I would really like to learn more about how I can help them become successful by utilizing their talents.

    P.S. I really enjoy your posts, I almost always take away something useful from each one. 🙂

  • Lucia says:

    Thank you so much for this article! This is just what I needed at the moment. I love to create educational prints and recently decided to start doing what I love and take the initiative to sell my prints online. Chris, you have inspired me in so many ways. Jen and Omar, you guys have given me the courage to do what I do. I can’t thank you guys enough. I will be waiting for this toolkit!

  • Ruth Cooke says:

    I’ve been waiting for this for a long time!

  • Lik Fenix says:

    Hey, that sounds very interesting! My main focus is on music now, but I am also very interested in photography, and I have a special interest in transport and transport systems photography (trains, buses, stations, roads, bridges, highways, etc.). And I think the information could be reused in many areas of life anyway… The principles are often the same 🙂

    Looking forward to the toolkit – and hope I will be able to afford it!!!

  • Nancy Fithian says:

    I’m really looking forward to this wonderful resource from Jen and Omar! 2014 is my year for action, having been released from a job for “the man” early in 2013, which was a huge message from the Universe to actualize my dreams of being self-employed. I am a fiber artist and am finally hanging up my virtual shingle, with a website where I will be selling hand-dyed natural fiber yarns and other hand-made items, as well as crafting a blog. Thanks for the inspiring post!

  • This was one of my favorite stories from your book! Very inspiring and great to see that they are still going strong.

  • This sounds like a much needed resource for artists and crafters! I love the growing movement toward artistry and handmade over mass production, but you are so right that many talented people need direction in running their business profitably. I can’t wait to use this resource to continue to build my own handmade business. Thanks!

  • Lisa DeLay says:

    I loved this story in your book b/c it was a window into success that seemed feasible.

    One thing I’m learning as I take on more work, is that a SOLID foundation in Human Resources management is one of the smartest things to do BEFORE you take on business & absolutely critical to lock in BEFORE you hire on help of any kind.

    Most of us as artists, writers or creatives don’t have an MBA, and we don’t have the money to hire an HR expert either. So, company’s like Google and Zappos are “best places to work” precisely because they have a lot of people ensuring HR done well.

    We’ve all have bad bosses, but none of us wants to BE a bad boss. There’s no way to be a good one without the right training (know the best practices, legalities, and performance/lean part of running a company).

    I’m loving the HR Mastery Toolkit (by HR expert Mark Griffin and Co.) to help me out.
    (For info please check my site —plus I listed a code for $300 off)

    Chris, have you had any HR training?
    If not, have you made mistakes as you grow your business? It’s be great to have a post on how to EXPAND 🙂 (We think of the product / service & get caught off guard with management acumen)

  • Yes, I’m an artist, & I built up a successful business selling my art, that was my sole source of income for several years.

    The problem was I built the business *without* taking into consideration what I needed to feed my *soul*. (This was before the internet really took off, so there were fewer role models, like you, Chris, to show what was possible! ;))

    I figured out what I could create that people wanted to buy (specifically, hand-made ketubot and ketubah prints –Jewish marriage contracts), but it wasn’t in the intersection between what people wanted to buy AND what fed ME to offer.

    So 4 years ago I set out to build a new business around what DOES feed my soul. It’s been quite an adventure, and I’m continuing to learn as I go along.

    I realized that my happiness rests on 2 big pillars:

    – Creating what I feel compelled to create

    – Making a difference for others

    Having been a miserably blocked creative for years, it’s not a surprise that I’m passionate about helping other people feed their own creative hungers. My biz is focused around that, PLUS I’m now selling art that I make JUST FOR FUN (as opposed to making to please others).

    Looking fwd to following this launch!

  • Amelia says:

    I work for a major performing artist (she’s the recipient of a MacArthur “genius” grant among other things) who after running her own [performing non-profit] company for 30+ years struck out to be independent again. What fascinates me is that while universities, corporate institutions, and etc are happy to hire & pay her well for her *knowledge* (that is, for her to teach, talk, & inspire), we cannot get nearly enough support for her to *make* art, which is the source of that knowledge. Making new performances is expensive: professional performers, great designers, and solid support staff all have to be paid, and costumes & sets aren’t cheap. We don’t want to revert to a non-profit model wherein we’re fighting for the same few grants as every other performing artist in the country, but thus far independence has proven that there is a larger market for talking & teaching than for actual art-making. It’s fascinating, and frustrating. If my boss was content to rest on her laurels and just talk about what she’s spent her life doing, she’d be all set – and would be earning a handsome living doing so. But she isn’t the resting type, nor do I think she should she have to be. Conundrum!

  • Anshu says:

    I’m an artist. I make party wear dresses for little girls. I started selling them about an year ago. The response has been better than my expectation, but now I’m realizing that I need to really get organized and start delegating if I ever hope to build it into a viable and successful venture.
    So I’m looking forward to this resource that you have developed and working on developing n inventory management and book-keeping system of my own in the meantime.

  • Sharon says:

    Yes!! And always looking to expand my knowledge and business. Looking forward to it!!

  • Christina says:

    I am a visual artist and educator that did not
    go the conventional route of post secondary
    education. I knew what I loved to do, which is art, but find
    computer technology often overwhelming
    yet often necessary as I wish to expand. I
    Am an artist not a techie What to do?

  • I LOVE hearing stories like this! After three years of building my Paint Mojo brand from a little idea about teaching others to find their creative flow to a fully fledged dream of actually flying around the world doing it AND selling my art along the way I can totally identify with the power of having a dream and putting in the work to make it happen. Sounds like a great resource! Cant wait to see more!

  • Alicia says:

    I am an artist. I take pictures, I write poetry, I write. I don’t get paid for any of it. I tried to sell my photos online, but not even my closest fiends bought anything. I was contacted by someone at a hotel in Raleigh, NC after she saw pictures of her city on my website. She wanted me to send a few to her as they were opening a new hotel and thought my pictures would go nicely in their space. I never did send her any… So what’s the reality there? My friends and family won’t buy anything but a stranger thinks they will fit nicely in their hotel… I am an artist but I don’t get paid for any of it. 🙁

  • I’m an artist working at painting, bead jewelry, and small hand knit accessories. I have a blog/website/etsy shop and trying hard to keep at it. I’ve sold a few pieces, and I’d love to be able to rent studio/gallery space but without steady sales that just isn’t happening.

  • Isabella Contolini says:

    I paint little wooden saint dolls. I started over Christmas and my family said that I should try and sell them, so we put a post on our blog and made a store on Etsy. So far no orders except from my uncle. But I hope I can sell some to other people, too!!! If not, oh well, I guess then I will just make them for my own enjoyment.

  • Jenn says:

    I’m an artist- I sell knitting patterns, and also offer technical editing to other designers who also sell knitting patterns. I rarely find that you can get paid to do just one thing like making art (or knitting, in my case)- usually, you are getting paid for the teaching, editing, and knowledge behind what you are doing.

    (I have a day job as well, it is a fascinating look in to world of large(er) business.)

  • Susan says:

    I worked as a graphic designer for 12 years, but then wanted to do something more hands on so I became an art teacher. I love my current j-o-b teaching art at a private school where I am autonomous and respected and there are plenty of supplies and resources. I know many art teachers are in less than these ideal situations. I don’t my art, but what I would like to do is sell my knowledge somehow, and I have not figured out how yet. Books, courses, consulting, not sure.

  • Susan says:

    Oh and how do I get my photo in the box instead of that generic person icon?!

  • Irwan says:

    I’m a graphic designer who runs my own business and also sells my artwork on posters, canvas and tote bags at Business is alright but it can be much much better. Would love to learn how I can push this to the next level

  • Fraser says:

    What a fantastic post, thank you Chris.

    I always feel inspired by the stories of others making their way on their own. Inspired enough to give it a go myself. My first book will be released next week. I can’t quite believe I’m about to start selling something I created. Its been an amazing learning experience so far and I think the curve is about to get steeper.

    Thanks again for sharing, your blog has been central in getting me to this point.


  • Any chance of a version for composers/songwriters/bands etc?

  • Aldona says:

    Many creatives struggle to put a value on their own art and be bold about how they sell it. It takes a lot of confidence and people skills to sell an artwork. Believing in what you do and not comparing your art to other’s helped me in actually selling some of my photographs.

  • I love it! I’m a writer. I love the process of finding out what the top 1-5% of people do to build a solid business around writing, art, speaking, etc., so I can pursue my passion on a solid foundation that takes care of my family while allowing me to continue to enjoy this pursuit. Awesome stuff. I can’t wait to grab the toolkit!

  • Jen says:

    Thanks for this, Chris. It’s pretty surreal to see our own story up here on a blog that has inspired us so much over the years!

    Omar and I just read through all of the comments. We can relate to *so* many of them – from the excitement of starting a new creative project to the fear that comes with putting your art out into the world.

    Four years ago, I was sitting in my studio reading similar stories of other artists who, by some miracle, actually *sold* their art. I remember feeling so inspired, but also totally overwhelmed and intimidated. It’s frustrating when you can so clearly envision what you want to do with your creativity, but don’t quite know how to make it happen. I know the feeling, because I have certainly been there.

    As creative people, I feel like we’re all on the same path. The materials we use or the work we make might be different, but we’re all partners in the journey towards creative freedom. Our big dream is to see *every* artist, designer, and maker achieve the same success that we’ve experienced. We’re so excited to share this resource with the world and hopefully see this dream come true for all of us!

  • Jeremy says:

    I enjoyed reading this article! I remember reading about Jen and Omar in $100, and it is nice to see this follow up! I love hearing about people’s success stories, and it is very satisfying (and very motivating) to hear about Jen and Omar’s continued success and complete self-sufficiency. Merging art and business does seem a bit unnatural, but as you communicate through this article, and through your other works, it is possible.

    Almost a year and a half ago, I started the EBK to finally move on my desire to pursue a business, part of which features my writing, and next fall, I will make my first venture in selling my art. And whether or not I make any sales, the fact that I am creating and putting my writing out there to be read and enjoyed, is satisfying enough (at least for right now!). I figure as long as I am doing what I love to do and looking for ways to provide a valuable story for my readers, all is well.

  • I’m ready to do this and I can’t wait to see what the kit involves. Having so many ideas over the years, but never really following through due to fears of failure, it’s nice to see a couple of designers “ACTUALLY” making a go of it and becoming successful.

    I really hope this kit has a lot of detail on how to turn my artistic ideas into a profitable business.

    Thanks, Jen, Omar, and Chris.

  • Lucy Chen says:

    Yes, I am an artist and I’m selling my original oil paintings as well as prints. So I’d be VERY interested to hear more about this new resource! Thank you.

  • Mac McGowan says:

    I am a leather artist and artisan working in the steampunk aesthetic. I have been chasing the dream and building a good set of relationships and a reputation for fine work since 2008. I’ve done the show and convention circuit and have product on Etsy and elsewhere online. I did a heavy show presence in 2013 and it nearly wiped me out physically. But the money is always lagging. I have a feeling your new collaboration with Jen and Omar may just be what I need to break loose and get the bills paid.

  • Tiffany says:

    Look forward to this. I am a painter of canvas and clothing just resurrecting my craft and finding my venue. I have done one juried art show and have 2 more scheduled. Going forward!

  • Sarah says:

    I’m a photographer and have just self-published my 2nd photobook. The first one is sold out and the 2nd one is almost gone, too. I’m also a rather unhappy student of Applied Computer Science and about to quit those studies.

  • Rachel G. says:

    Thank you for posting this, I’m so inspired looking at Jen & Omar’s work. I’m very interested in the toolkit. I’m a graphic designer just starting to build a business selling my own work and this would be VERY helpful.

  • Lauren says:

    My husband is a figurative sculptor, and likes to work with clay and cement. He’s sold his wares at a few different venues, such as art festivals and farmers markets, and – much to everyone’s surprise – has sold quite a few items. This year he’ll be trying to make his sculpture his primary income and continue to develop his line of smaller pieces as well as create a line of larger scale works.

    Even though his art has enjoyed more success thus far than we anticipated, we’re hoping to learn from this resource how to get out there with even more gusto. Sculpture isn’t as “consumable” or versatile in terms of marketplaces as other forms of art, especially stuff like jewellery or designs on cards and shirts. Hopefully this resource has some insights for artists in similar situations!

  • rebecca says:

    as a designer im really looking forward to this. was great to read this story. finally bought myself a copy of the $100 start up too

  • Alana says:

    Looking forward to hearing more about this. My photography career is starting to move forward (and I just got my first gallery showing) but I am kind of lost as to what direction to go. A toolkit would be quite nice.

  • Kimberly says:

    I’m surrounded by creative children, relatives, and friends and would love to be able to share this information with them!

    Even if you don’t pick me, I am going to get this, if it will help them to realize their potential… it will be worth every penny.


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