How Do You Pay for Your Travel?

Over the course of ten years, I visited every country in the world, many of them several times. When I first started writing about the quest, the most common question I received was, “But how do you pay for that?” Since then I've tried to be very clear on how much it costs to travel—not just for me, but for anyone else. In this post, and in the follow-up on Thursday, I'll outline my general response to travel and money.

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Risk Something to Gain Something

If you only do things where you know the answer in advance, your company goes away." -Jeff Bezos. I don't run an operation the size of, and you probably don't either. But all of us have responsibilities. We have commitments, goals, hopes, and dreams.

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Top 15 Travel Hacks (and a Free Workshop!)

Tomorrow I'll be teaHappy Thanksgiving to everyone in Canada!

Tomorrow I'll be teaching a day-long workshop on Travel Hacking. You can enroll here and watch for FREE from anywhere in the world.

In preparation for teaching the course tomorrow, I thought I'd compile a few—okay, many—notes on the best current travel hacking opportunities. If you'd like to see the world, or at least travel without spending a lot of money, perhaps something in this extended post will be helpful to you. Enjoy!

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The Crunch

You've been here before. The weeks and months have gone by, and now you find yourself at the point where something big is due. The deadline you've been ignoring is now staring you in the face.

Sup, the deadline says. Did you forget about me?

You didn't forget, of course. But you didn't entirely take it seriously either. It was hiding out in the background, and now the background has planted itself directly in front of your desk.

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First Round of WDS 2014 Tickets Available

As mentioned in last week’s preview, we just released the first public round of ticket sales for WDS 2014. A few notes on this process –> 1. First-come, first-served We sell all tickets on a first-come, first-served basis. We can’t hold tickets for people, and after this sale is over, there won’t be any more…

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