Washington D.C. Meetup, 676,358 Frequent Flyer Miles, and Tribal Author

Last weekend I completed my 2009 running goal by running my second half-marathon of the year. The weather was bad and I actually got lost on the course, ending up with a “half-+-2-miles-marathon.” Overall, I like the half-marathon distance much better. Welcome to the Sunday Store Update, where I share updates about the business side of AONC and any other relevant announcements. In this case I’m putting several things into one post ...

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Avoiding False Dichotomies

Today is Blog Action Day, where the blogging world (such as it is) unites to write about a single topic. I know, so conventional—but in this case, I don’t mind going with the flow. The theme this year is Climate Change, so I thought I’d contribute something about travel and its impact on the world ...

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Why Not Try It All?

Just say no. Assert your boundaries. You can't do it all. There's a time and a place for everything, sure, but is that always the best advice? Whenever I hear things like “Say no five times for every time you say yes,” I think... “Really?” I take the opposite approach, and it generally works out just fine.

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Your Own Amazing Race

My travel goal takes me to a lot of places, and the trips don’t always play out the way I expect. Things go wrong. Some trips are thrilling, some are boring, and most are somewhere in between.

Someone asked me recently, aren’t you on The Amazing Race? I saw you jumping around in taxis in Thailand.

Wrong guy.

My answer: “No, I’m doing my own Amazing Race. It’s better than the one on TV.”

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Watch and See

In 2005, U.N. Secretary General Koffi Annan was struggling with a series of scandals and other challenges in his administration. I read this short quote in a magazine interview with him and wrote it down in my notebook:

Question: Senator Coleman says you are 'damaged goods.' What do you say to him?

Answer: Watch and see.

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Charity Dinner and Auction (Portland area) – Friday, October 23

Friends in Portland, if you’ll be around on Friday, October 23rd, I’d like to invite you to a benefit dinner and auction for a cause I am proud to support. The Short Version:

What: Dinner and auction for Sisters of the Road, a local non-profit that serves the homeless population in Portland.

When: Friday, October 23rd, 6-10pm (includes dinner, drinks, auction, and something called a “hoedown”)

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