10 Days to World Domination (The Sequel)


There are 1,000 gift bags taking up every available space in my garage—and also in the foyer, on the stairs, and in various other nooks and crannies around the house.

The photo above is approximately 5% of them, and doesn’t include countless other boxes, hammock stands, furniture, piles of wood (long story), and various items that will all become needed at the same time next weekend.

“If we do this again next year,” Jolie asked me recently, “Can we get a storage unit?”


It’s that time again. The unconventional mecca of Portland is preparing to receive an influx of more than a thousand attendees of the World Domination Summit.

We founded WDS last year and welcomed the inaugural group of 500 attendees to the Portland Art Museum. Our goal was to bring together creative people of all kinds for a weekend adventure. We had main-stage speakers, attendee-led workshops, city tours, parties, and a few surprises.

This year, we doubled in size but the event sold out even quicker. In two rounds of ticket sales, the entire event was spoken for in just 20 minutes. We’ve had no tickets since January, and have been at full-full-full capacity since then.

What we do have is a fantastic action team, who have really gone above and beyond in planning a bigger event. This year our team, which meets for eight months during the year, will be joined by more than 50 additional “Ambassadors” during the main weekend. Everyone is a volunteer.

We’ve learned a lot since last year, and my team was patient (probably too patient, in some cases) with me while I was on the road to 21 cities for the first part of The $100 Startup tour. More cities will be announced in a bit… but not before WDS.

I’m now at home and working full-time on everything associated with the big weekend. We’re thrilled to have so many great people coming, and looking forward to another great event.

If you’ll be in Portland but won’t be attending WDS, you’re still welcome to join us for our closing party at the Crystal Ballroom, where Adele played on her recent “opening for World Domination Summit” tour.

WDS Closing Party (Free for attendees, $15 for everyone else)


Since we now have a community of nearly 100,000 people, I realize that most AONC readers aren’t actually coming to WDS. If you’re not with us in Portland, we’ll be thinking of you from World Domination HQ.

In years to come we’ll also be thinking long and hard about how to (carefully and deliberately) expand. But for now, we’re focused 100% on putting on a great show next weekend.

Wherever you are this week, I hope you’re doing well.

– Chris


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