The $100 Startup Is Live!

Greetings from midtown Manhattan, where a large amount of coffee is about to be consumed in a corner room at the Doubletree hotel. Today is the day. After three years of research and writing, it’s finally here. The $100... Read More

The Feeling of the Entire Day Unfolding Around You

In JFK I got on the 16-hour Cathay Pacific flight to Hong Kong. It was 3pm in the New York afternoon, and 3am in HKG—exactly halfway around the world. The Boeing 777 took off, I had lunch, and I took a short nap. I always s... Read More

Weekend Adventure

This weekend I went on an adventure that involved running 13.1 miles in an unusual, remarkable location. I’ll share more on the experience next week, but for now, here’s a preview.... Read More


Sometimes people ask about my qualifications. It’s a fair question with a simple answer: I have none. There’s absolutely no reason I should be doing pretty much anything I’m doing these days. I was a high sc... Read More

Paying the Bills: Your Responses

As expected, I received a flood of responses to Monday’s question on paying the bills. In addition to hundreds of site comments (I posted at least half that came through, but it’s tough to keep up from the road), ... Read More

How to Quickly Pay the Bills

I recently posed an open question to a few social networks and received hundreds of interesting responses. I’ll republish the best of them for everyone to see at some point, but first I thought I’d ask YOU. *** **... Read More

Preview of World Domination Summit

When I heard the news that the rapture would take place two Saturdays ago, my first thought was… wait… how is that possible, since World Domination still has two weeks to go? We need more time before the planet im... Read More

Race to the Airport

You thought you had plenty of time, but something went wrong. Having spent too much time thinking about what to pack, you spent even more time reevaluating at the last minute. You overslept, or you forgot about the time zone ... Read More

Free Trip to Anywhere

Next week we’re finally going to launch the preboarding phase of my first major business project in nearly a year, the Travel Hacking Cartel. On Monday I’ll tell you more about it, and on Tuesday we’ll offer... Read More

The $24,213 Thank-You Letter

Dear Friends, I got up at 5am in Anchorage last Monday to publish this post, all about a business offer I was partnering with to donate my proceeds to our Ethiopia project. At the moment I pressed the publish button, I knew i... Read More

Visit to Tiger Kingdom

Thanks to some fun travel hacking that led to a better-than-free side trip to Thailand, I took a couple days off at the end of my Belarus-to-Algeria adventure. I’ve been to Thailand a dozen times, but never to Chiang Ma... Read More

Why Focus on the Numbers?

I’ve heard the question in various forms over the past couple of years: Why not just travel around the world without trying to go everywhere—in other words, why focus on the numbers? My answer is that the numbers give... Read More


Do you ever have the feeling that you’re leaving somewhere to which you’ll never return? You’ve been coasting along in the present, then all of a sudden—the future! Is here! There’s no going back, no... Read More