Audit Yourself to Improve Your Circumstances

From time to time, it’s good to sit back and ask yourself a few questions. Here’s a starting point. *** Are you happy? Are you doing something you enjoy? A good way to look at is: how much time do you spend on the... Read More

This Magic Journey

I. Everything begins with a crazy idea, and this particular crazy idea comes to you in stages. You don’t decide to visit every country in the world when you haven’t been out of your own neighborhood. First you go ... Read More

A Party for the End of the World

Location: Oslo, Norway Date: April 7, 2013 Dear Friends, We’re having a party to celebrate the end of the world next year. It might be cold, but it will definitely be fun. Will you save the date? You can now get a ticke... Read More

Unnecessary Traffic Lights

Have you ever pulled up to a stoplight and waited… and waited… while there was no other traffic in sight? Three minutes later, the light finally changes, and you pull away… with no other traffic in sight? A ... Read More