Rain in Paradise

Somewhere in my constant travels I learned an important lesson: you can be at peace wherever you are, or you can be anxious wherever you are. Circumstances aren’t completely irrelevant, and a comfortable environment cer... Read More

On the Road: Notes from LAX

I was flying to Sydney via Los Angeles and Brisbane, but at the moment it didn’t matter. What mattered was: I was heading out to see the world. I touched down in LAX via the Greyhound of the West Coast skies, otherwise ... Read More

How Do You Pay for Your Travel? (Part II)

Monday’s post was about how I paid for much of my travel to 193 countries by being intentional about priorities and practicing selective frugality. Today’s post continues the story… *** I didn’t begin ... Read More

Top 15 Travel Hacks (and a Free Workshop!)

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone in Canada! Tomorrow I’ll be teaching a day-long workshop on Travel Hacking. You can enroll here and watch for FREE from anywhere in the world. In preparation for teaching the course tomorr... Read More

$100 Startup Launches In Japan

I woke up yesterday and there was a typhoon outside my window. Whoa. I usually miss all the fun, but in this case I managed to stick around for part of the storm. When the heavens weren’t being drained from the skies ov... Read More

On the Road: First Week in Asia

When I awoke in Kowloon harbor at 4am, I knew it was a good sign. The previous day I had flown 13 hours from San Francisco to Hong Kong with only a brief nap on the flight. Arriving at 8pm local time, I went to my hotel, sett... Read More