Empire Builder Strikes Back (on Tuesday)

Greetings, friends and readers. Thanks to everyone at the Seattle Consortium of Travel who welcomed me to their event on Thursday night. I opened up the talk with a “Name That Airport Code” game with airline ameni... Read More

Site Update: April-May 2010

I’ve often recommended the Waffle Window to people visiting Portland. It’s still high on my list, but now I have another recommendation: Slappy Cakes. At this crazy place, you pay to make your own pancakes on a gr... Read More

EBK Day 1: Happy Easter from Pittsburgh

Happy Easter, everyone! Here’s wishing you peace and joy wherever you are on the planet, and wherever you are in life’s journey. *** Thanks to Lufthansa and my big stash of U.S. Air miles (now smaller), I’ve... Read More

Win a Free Copy of the Empire Building Kit

Greetings from Kiev, Ukraine, the first European country on my latest tour of the world. I don’t speak Ukrainian or Russian, so in places like this I just walk around and look at things. It’s not a bad way to trav... Read More

Site Update: March 2010

Greetings from home base in the great Portland, Oregon. I’ve just returned from my first trip to Asia of 2010. The February trip was quite intense. First, I went to two faraway island groups: Papua New Guinea and the Ma... Read More

Update from Manila about Everything

Greetings, friends and readers. A few days ago I went to SFO, then I went to HKG, and then at 11pm local time (after 20 hours of travel), I made it in to MNL — also known as Manila, the Philippines. From here I’m jump... Read More