Will It Always Be Like This?

The problem is that you want a new life, or at least some kind of substantive change. You look at what you have, what you do, or who you are, and you long for something else. It may be a problem of the fortunate, in the sense... Read More

Changing the System

I’m back on the road, talking with interesting people every night. Many of them ask questions about “changing the system.” Everyone agrees it’s broken and frustration is expressed all around. But what is t... Read More

The Goal

1. To wake in the morning full of life and energy, awaiting the day with anticipation and purpose. To step out into the world ready to accomplish a significant task. To engage and initiate instead of merely responding. To tak... Read More

Powerful Words

The words we use matter. Here are some examples of words or phrases that are especially powerful. Once upon a time. The most powerful words in storytelling. No matter how long the story goes, or how complex it becomes, every ... Read More

What Is Freedom?

For me, everything began with the notion of freedom—the ability to determine the course of my daily schedule and overall life direction. I was very motivated by the opportunity to decide for myself. A normal job didn’... Read More

Warning Signs

People will take over your life if you let them. How do they do it? Step 1: They begin by taking over your time. “This will only take a minute…” “Can we have a quick call to discuss…” “We’d like to get your in... Read More

An Academic Confession

A long time ago, I sent a thick packet of information to Yale, explaining in considerable detail how awesome I was and why they should accept the honor of my giving them tens of thousands of dollars a year. They sent me back ... Read More

Life In the Tower, Somaliland Edition

Many thanks to everyone who has been reading or supporting the launch of The Tower, my new manifesto. If you missed it on Tuesday, you can pick up your free copy in a range of formats. I also want to thank my long-time friend... Read More