Happy Thanksgiving from 97214

Happy Thanksgiving from World Domination HQ. Earlier this week I made it home from São Tomé via Lisbon and London. Due to a big snafu at JFK airport ten days ago, I wasn’t able to make it to Guinea Bissau on this trip... Read More

Moonlight in Alaska

I’m off the grid this week on my first vacation since… forever. It’s a little disorienting, but I’m working on it. A few items of random interest: The $100 Startup continues to race up the charts, retu... Read More

Professional Listening

If you’re trying to figure out what you’re good at, or trying to start a business for the first time, there’s a simple strategy that will help. Start by listening. Pay attention to what people ask you about.... Read More

Happy Thanksgiving from the Homeland

Greetings from my corner of the world in Portland, Oregon. It’s Thanksgiving Day in the U.S., a time when the internet shuts down and we all eat pie. Everyone else, feel free to enjoy the internet to yourself and eat pi... Read More

A Placeholder Post for Mr. Jobs

I was planning to launch an online class today (“Working From the Road”), but when I heard the news last night, I knew it was better to wait. For those who are interested, we’ll release the class tomorrow. H... Read More

How to Quickly Pay the Bills

I recently posed an open question to a few social networks and received hundreds of interesting responses. I’ll republish the best of them for everyone to see at some point, but first I thought I’d ask YOU. *** **... Read More

WDS 2011: “The Heart Attack of Awesome”

One year ago, I began planning last weekend with a small group of trusted friends. As the time drew closer, we transitioned from a planning team to an Action Team. Then, as the weekend really drew closer, we expanded to a muc... Read More

The Good Job

I visited a large company to give a talk about non-conformity and adventure. From all appearances, it was a well-run company doing good things. Many of the employees came up to me afterwards to chat, and I asked each of them,... Read More

9 Years, 7 Months, and 20 Days Ago

Over the course of several weeks, I remember following the news of the attacks on the United States and slowly processing how the world had changed. Out of that experience I took a serious look at my life, determined I was un... Read More

Lower Your Standards and Keep Going

The second-best advice I ever heard about writer’s block came from a quote in last month’s Atlantic Monthly, where Sandra Tsing Loh said, “When faced with writer’s block, lower your standards and keep goin... Read More

World Domination Summit Is Sold Out

It’s actually been sold out for several weeks, but I’ve been laying low and letting it ride for a while. On the advice of my great team, however, I can do so no longer. Five months in advance, we are (beyond) fill... Read More

Happy Thanksgiving from Southeast Portland

If you don’t live in the U.S., you may wonder why the internet is so quiet today. Everyone else around the world, this is the day you get the internet to yourselves. Use it well, friends, because America will be back on... Read More