Happy Thanksgiving from AONC

Back from Australia and in Portland for the U.S. holiday, I faced a tough choice today: pecan pie or bread pudding. I chose the bread pudding … but then I experienced an onset of buyer’s remorse as I thought about... Read More

Rainy Season in Monrovia

I did an interview about Liberia with the people behind Maptia, and I liked the introspective questions they asked. You can read the full article here, or check out an excerpt below. *** Monrovia certainly sounds like a compl... Read More

Labor / Labour / Laboring Day

Greetings from the home base in Portland, Oregon. It’s a holiday today, or so I’ve been informed as I’ve gone about the usual business of running World Domination HQ. Three quick things I’d like to pas... Read More

Spring Cleaning (In Late June)

It’s been a jam-packed week here at World Domination HQ. We have thousands of people coming to town in just a few days, a sentence that sounds odd even as I type it here in the WordPress interface where this blog is pub... Read More

The One-Year, Alternative Graduate School Program

What if learning wasn’t confined to a rigid program in a university? What if you could begin learning now, without going back to school? The One-Year, Alternative Graduate School Program was one of the more popular part... Read More

Memorial Day Roundup

It’s a holiday in the U.S. today. If you’re not working, this is a great day to catch up. The chance to build something for yourself is greater than any holiday you could ever have. Are you building something? Are... Read More

You May Feel Inadequate, But…

I’m home and writing this week and next. From the research files –> “What advice would you give to someone else who wants to pursue a big dream but feels hesitant or uncertain?” “Do it. Just d... Read More

Q&AA on Finding a Valuable Skill

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be touring India and then traveling elsewhere in the world. While I’m away, we’ll be publishing a new series of Questions and Attempted Answers (Q&AA) from readers. I’... Read More