How to Make Decisions

I received a copy of the new book Decisive by Chip and Dan Heath, two brothers and co-authors responsible for the previous bestsellers Switch and Made to Stick. I’ve always enjoyed Chip and Dan’s work, so when our... Read More

Beta Launch of Adventure Capital

Greetings, friends and readers. As promised last week, today is the beta launch of the first new business project I’ve produced in a long time. More than six months in the making, Adventure Capital is now available to a... Read More

Leading a Horse to Water

There’s an old story about a salesperson who was disappointed in losing an important sale. He talked with the boss about why it didn’t work out. “I guess,” he said, “It just proves you can lead a... Read More

A Tale of 9 Startups

Jon was inspired by a blog post that told him to quit his job and start a business. He dutifully did so, firing off a farewell message to his boss and former colleagues. Having heard about becoming “location independent,”... Read More

A Challenging Question

In talking with Chris Brogan for his new podcast recently, he said something I’ve been thinking of ever since. It was a question that you ask yourself when evaluating new opportunities. This question didn’t actual... Read More

The Audience Is Listening (Hopefully)

“People used to expect companies to take care of them,” he said. “Now you’re in charge of your own destiny, for better or worse.” -From a recent article about the decline of the app-making industry as a road to rich... Read More