Letter from Sydney

On a day like last Saturday, you might find yourself wrapping up a whirlwind series of events in a fun East Asian country. You might be feeling the effects of little sleep and the need to be extroverted as you present yoursel... Read More

Korea! Wow.

Friends and readers, I hope you’ll excuse a brief post today. I’ve been in Seoul, Korea for three jam-packed days, meeting thousands of people. Yeah, thousands… it’s been intense. So far we’ve do... Read More

Leading a Horse to Water

There’s an old story about a salesperson who was disappointed in losing an important sale. He talked with the boss about why it didn’t work out. “I guess,” he said, “It just proves you can lead a... Read More

You May Feel Inadequate, But…

I’m home and writing this week and next. From the research files –> “What advice would you give to someone else who wants to pursue a big dream but feels hesitant or uncertain?” “Do it. Just d... Read More