Powerful Words

The words we use matter. Here are some examples of words or phrases that are especially powerful. Once upon a time. The most powerful words in storytelling. No matter how long the story goes, or how complex it becomes, every ... Read More

Small Things Can Keep Us from Big Things

Lately I’ve felt that I’m doing well at the small things, but failing to plan for more involved work. It’s not that the small things are inconsequential—or so I tell myself. If you also struggle with doing... Read More

What Is Freedom?

For me, everything began with the notion of freedom—the ability to determine the course of my daily schedule and overall life direction. I was very motivated by the opportunity to decide for myself. A normal job didn’... Read More

Leadership Lessons with a View

Australia is one of my favorite countries out of 188 visited so far, and I was thrilled to have an extended stay of five days there last week. I first went to Melbourne to speak at Darren Rowse’s Problogger Event, a gat... Read More

Chicago Marathon: Mission Complete

Yesterday I got up early… and ran 26.2 miles through the streets of Chicago! This was my fourth marathon, but I haven’t done one in several years and was somewhat worried. I had been apprehensive after not being a... Read More

Around Here: Notes from Thursday Afternoon

1. Whenever things are going well, it’s always good to ask yourself “How could I improve? What could I do better?” Never rest on your laurels! Always be thinking: OK, great. What’s next? Yesterday I woke up ea... Read More

The Calling

Bob Dylan spoke to Rolling Stone recently. I liked these parts: You’ve described what you do not as a career but as a calling. Everybody has a calling, don’t they? Some have a high calling, some have a low calling... Read More