You Can Do That? Great. Go Ahead.

When I shared the story of a man who tightroped across Niagara Falls, someone said, “That’s easy! He had a safety harness.” Every day I hear from someone who thinks my quest to visit every country in the world is in... Read More

Life Is Full of Things You Can’t Fix

Broken hearts. Mistakes that changed the course of a life. Things that went wrong through no fault of your own, and the things that were your fault. Global problems. Poverty of all kinds. The war, the famine, the flood. The a... Read More

Fame vs. Community: The Small Army Model

I don’t often discuss news articles or reblog things from elsewhere, but I loved a recent article on an independent musician who recently raised $1.2M through Kickstarter for her new album. A couple of things struck me ... Read More

Time Travel: What Would You Do?

What if you could flip a switch and go back in time? It’s right up there with flying and invisibility—the ability to travel in time, to revisit the past and alter the future. What if you could return to some point in ... Read More