Adventures in Somaliland

On my last trip, I made it to a country I’d been wondering about ever since beginning my quest more than five years ago: Somalia. Technically, I went to Somaliland, also known as the safe part of Somalia. Somalia itself... Read More

2011 Annual Review: Looking Forward

Merry Christmas and Happy Everything! Wherever you are and whatever you’re celebrating, I hope you’re having a great holiday week. This is the final post of the 2011 Annual Review series. Looking back over the yea... Read More

2011 Annual Review: Looking Back

Greetings, everyone. I’m finishing up my latest trip to Africa, and I hope you’re well wherever you are. Below is the first part of the 2011 Annual Review. Two notes on this year’s series: first, at the end ... Read More

2011 Annual Review: The Beginning

Every year since 2006, I’ve set aside an entire week in December to review the year that has almost passed and look ahead to the next one. I certainly haven’t got everything in my life figured out, but I can hones... Read More

Life In the Tower, Somaliland Edition

Many thanks to everyone who has been reading or supporting the launch of The Tower, my new manifesto. If you missed it on Tuesday, you can pick up your free copy in a range of formats. I also want to thank my long-time friend... Read More