The Quest

At first, you weren’t sure you had it in you. Fear, doubt, naysayers, and what-ifs threatened to hold you back. You left anyway, determined to see it out. The people around you talked about consequences and the risk of ... Read More

Questions to Ask of the People Who Make the Rules

What, exactly, are the rules? Why do these rules exist? By whose authority are these rules upheld? What’s more important—the spirit or letter of these rules? Has anyone ever found or been granted an exception to these... Read More

Midnight Flight to Nowhere

I think it was Pico Iyer who said that every flight to Calcutta arrives at 3am. Whoever it was, they were right, and it’s not just Calcutta—all over the world, travelers are coming and going at odd times. In some plac... Read More

The Sense of Loss in a Big Adventure

An unexpected thing happened on the streets of Seoul, Korea. I’ve been to Seoul several times, and don’t really feel anything special about it. It’s not a bad place in any way, and perhaps I’d like it ... Read More


Sometimes people ask about my qualifications. It’s a fair question with a simple answer: I have none. There’s absolutely no reason I should be doing pretty much anything I’m doing these days. I was a high sc... Read More

A Placeholder Post for Mr. Jobs

I was planning to launch an online class today (“Working From the Road”), but when I heard the news last night, I knew it was better to wait. For those who are interested, we’ll release the class tomorrow. H... Read More

Detour to Australia

It was all going so well. I had made it to three island countries in the Pacific: Marshall Islands, Micronesia, and Palau. All of them were interesting in their own way, if a bit small. OK, small isn’t the word: they we... Read More