Free and Low-Cost Travel Hacking Resources

Three quick updates from the Travel Hacking world… Google+ Free Travel Info I’ve been using the new Google+ service recently. Time will tell how long it sticks around, but so far I like it. As an experiment, IR... Read More

The Moment You Knew

I’ve spent much of the past four months interviewing unconventional entrepreneurs for my next book, and throughout the process I learned what kind of questions solicit the best answers. For example, I often asked people... Read More

Legacy Projects and the Love of True Friends

When you begin to share your important work with the world, a funny thing happens: some of the people closest to you don’t understand it. They damn you with faint praise, or they point out something trivial that could b... Read More

Travel Hacking Cartel Takes Off In Madagascar

Earlier this year, we launched the Travel Hacking Cartel, the world’s leading service for aspiring adventurers. The service was recently featured in a major story on NPR, Forbes, and the Yahoo home page—all on the sam... Read More

Running in Frankfurt

It’s always a sunny day when you arrive in Frankfurt. You might think this is impossible, but Frankfurt is like Seattle: apparently it rains all the time, but never on your first day. (It helps to arrive in the summer m... Read More

On the Road Again: Summer Travel Plans

Happy Independence Day to those in the U.S., and greetings to everyone else around the world. I’m writing to you from Frankfurt, en route to Angola and beyond shortly. In the last travel planning post, I discussed a few... Read More