The “Hell Yeah” Roundup: Your Turn

A lot of people mentioned that they liked the “hell yeah” test for making decisions mentioned here and condensed as follows: We all have to make decisions about opportunities. When you think about any opportunity,... Read More

Be Nice to the Cleaners

I went to participate in an event held at a bookstore in a big city. I saw on the store’s calendar that a Very Famous Author (we’ll call him Mr. X) had been there the day before. “Wow,” I said to the staff. ... Read More

An Important Thing No One Will Tell You

I talked with someone who was in the process of calling fifteen people to get their opinions on a project. Why was any one of our opinions worth so much effort? I’m not sure, but someone had told her she should seek out... Read More

WDS 2011: “The Heart Attack of Awesome”

One year ago, I began planning last weekend with a small group of trusted friends. As the time drew closer, we transitioned from a planning team to an Action Team. Then, as the weekend really drew closer, we expanded to a muc... Read More

World Domination: A Photo Tour

Over the past weekend, I’ve been with 500+ people who came to Portland for the inaugural World Domination Summit. I’ll be sharing a detailed wrap-up on Thursday, but for now, here are a few initial photos to illus... Read More

Preview of World Domination Summit

When I heard the news that the rapture would take place two Saturdays ago, my first thought was… wait… how is that possible, since World Domination still has two weeks to go? We need more time before the planet im... Read More