Advanced Travel Planning, July-November 2011

I’ve been stuck in one place (mostly) for the past three months, working on two projects that required focus: writing a book manuscript on unconventional entrepreneurs, and preparing to host the World Domination Summit ... Read More

Rain Running

Every Sunday morning that I’m in town, I head out for a long run. Two weekends ago at the waterfront, the weather was glorious. The whole city of Portland took up jogging or cycling. Last weekend at the waterfront, the ... Read More

The Good Job

I visited a large company to give a talk about non-conformity and adventure. From all appearances, it was a well-run company doing good things. Many of the employees came up to me afterwards to chat, and I asked each of them,... Read More

Race to the Airport

You thought you had plenty of time, but something went wrong. Having spent too much time thinking about what to pack, you spent even more time reevaluating at the last minute. You overslept, or you forgot about the time zone ... Read More

9 Years, 7 Months, and 20 Days Ago

Over the course of several weeks, I remember following the news of the attacks on the United States and slowly processing how the world had changed. Out of that experience I took a serious look at my life, determined I was un... Read More