41 Days to World Domination

First up, Happy Easter to all! I hope you’ve had a good weekend with people you love. *** This is a short weekend update before the regular programming of the week. In 41 days, awesome people from all over the world wil... Read More

Whose Side Are You On

Last week I went to see Ani DiFranco at the Crystal Ballroom in Portland. It was a great concert, filled with high-caliber musicianship and passion. Ani has built a life and career over the past twenty years as a musician and... Read More

Lower Your Standards and Keep Going

The second-best advice I ever heard about writer’s block came from a quote in last month’s Atlantic Monthly, where Sandra Tsing Loh said, “When faced with writer’s block, lower your standards and keep goin... Read More

“We’ve Got Plans for You”

Amy returned from a working trip abroad. “Welcome home!” her boss said on the first day back at the office. Amy was a little disoriented, thinking of her days in Rajasthan instead of the office at home. “I want to hear ... Read More