Site Update: February 2010

Greetings from home base in the great Portland, Oregon. Yesterday I ran 10 miles, a fact I was happy about until I went to a dinner party and met an ultrarunner who runs 80 miles a week. She also has two young children and a ... Read More

What You Don’t Do Doesn’t Matter

Coming home from a recent trip, I thought about bringing flowers. Wouldn’t that be nice, I thought. I imagined the flower buying, the flower delivery, the credit in the relationship account produced by my thoughtful act... Read More

Lessons Learned from the $100 Business Launch

Greetings from World Domination HQ in Portland, Oregon. After visiting the South Pacific recently, I’m happy to be home for several weeks before the next trip. *** This is the Sunday Store Update, where I share a quick ... Read More

Before and After

In 2004 I went to Liberia for the first of five visits. It was a pretty crazy place at the time, having just ended an 14-year series of civil wars a few months before I arrived with a small assessment team. The streets were p... Read More

AONC Feature in Psychology Today

I was fortunate to be featured in a nice profile in this month’s issue of Psychology Today. You can view the PDF of the article here, or read an online version here. My thanks to Carlin Flora and the whole Psychology To... Read More

Update on the $100 Biz Forum

OK, that didn’t last long. We launched the new $100 Business Forum at 10am EST yesterday, and by 1130am EST we had filled up all the spots in the inaugural group. The second group filled up shortly afterwards. It’... Read More

Launch of $100 Business Forum

Today is the launch of my first business project of 2010 and first community group ever. It’s called the $100 Business Forum, and it’s all about helping 150 people start small businesses on a small budget. –... Read More