End of the Discount Airfare Guide

Greetings from my corner of the world, also known as 97214 in the great city of Portland, Oregon. The other day at my neighborhood Starbucks, I saw a guy in a torn Slayer t-shirt helping someone with their taxes. The fact tha... Read More


This one goes out to all the people in the world who are afraid of something. Oh wait—perhaps I need to choose a smaller audience. Trying to write for everyone is usually a mistake. See, every day I’m fortunate to rea... Read More

Happy Labor Day / New AONC Survey

Happy Labor Day to everyone in the U.S., and Happy Labour Day to my friends further north. Everyone else in the world, Labor/Labour Day is a U.S. and Canadian holiday when the internet slows down. Being self-employed, most mi... Read More

Site Update: August-September 2009

This site update comes to you live from Bali, Indonesia. I came here at the end of my trip to Bhutan and Nepal. When this goes live, I’ll actually be on my way home, courtesy of a Korean Air Lines “glitch fare” that... Read More