Video Update: Expectations Management and the Worst Hotel in All of Guyana

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Video Update: Live from JFK Terminal 8

Hi everyone, Greetings from Terminal 8 in JFK Airport – New York City, or so it appears to be outside the window. In about two hours I’m getting on a plane to fly down to Port au Prince, Haiti. Last night I slept ... Read More

How to Process 2,021 Emails in One Day

Welcome to the weekend edition of AONC – actually being written on Saturday morning this time so I can take most of Sunday off before traveling down to Haiti and parts of South America on Monday. Hopefully along the way... Read More

Happy Easter from 97214

Hello everyone, and Happy Easter from my corner of the world. To friends who celebrate Passover, my thoughts are with you as well. There’s no Sunday Store Update today, although the store itself is still there. I get no... Read More

Video Update: Do All Real Jobs Suck?

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Site Update: April 2009

This morning I ran 14-15 miles through Mount Tabor Park here in Portland (see photo). It was my longest run of the year so far, and I was definitely helped by the fact that the weather was perfect. *** Each month I look back ... Read More

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