Scaling Up Your Business or Your Life

Let’s say you have a decent little business going. Something on the Internet, perhaps—since that’s the way an estimated 24 million of us earn our living these days, just in North America alone. I’ve found that there a... Read More

My Biggest Travel Mistake Ever

A few days ago I wrote about my misadventures in Mongolia—the primary misadventure in that case being evicted from my guesthouse after midnight. That experience was certainly not fun while it was happening, but in the end, ... Read More

Misadventures in Mongolia

This is the story in which I fly to Mongolia for $44, get kicked out of my guesthouse after midnight, and visit the Genghis Khan brewery. Sounds like fun, right? Well, yes. But I should first explain that in my world, a misad... Read More

In Defense of Ass-Kicking

I recently got an email from a reader who said the best thing about the manifestowas that it kicked him in the ass and made him get back to working on what mattered to him. I laughed and wrote back, “No problem. We all need... Read More

Running in Warsaw

I head out in the morning for what I plan as a 6-8 mile run. I’ve never been here before, so my route is somewhat flexible. I Google “Warsaw running” and find a couple of ideas, but mostly what I decide is to simply hea... Read More

Ever Feel Like Giving Up?

I do. It gets lonely out there traveling by myself, spending entire days without talking to anyone sometimes, hanging out in countries where I don’t speak the language and am obviously a foreigner. My work suffers and I mak... Read More

48 Hours in Northern Iraq

Hello everyone, here are the details behind my secret stopover while on the Baltics and Beyond trip. I had a stop on this part of the trip that I deliberately chose not to publicize in advance. The secrecy was partly for safe... Read More

Getting to Moldova

Previous Trip Reports: Getting to India Five Journeys to Cotonou, Benin Easter Island to Beirut, Lebanon Leaving Hong Kong Homeless in London Full Archive *** In the parts of the world where globalization has truly set in, sk... Read More

Introducing Patriotism 2.0

Happy 4th of July, everyone, live from the Russian Federation, en route to the new Republic of Moldova. I’ll tell you more about this part of the world soon, but for now I thought I’d say a few things about my homeland, t... Read More


This is how it all begins. The night before, I pack my bags. I can do this in about 20 minutes if needed, but to be safe, I usually take twice as long. After a lot of experience packing, I have a good system. Running shoes, t... Read More

Site Update – June 2008

Live from Amsterdam Greetings from Amsterdam’s nice Schiphol airport, where I’m spending the day in transit after arriving early this morning from Minneapolis. Schiphol is one of Europe’s nicest airports, so if you’re... Read More