Zimbabwe: Great Place, Bad Government

Because I prefer to write content that will remain relevant for more than a few days, I don’t usually write about current affairs. We’re also coming out of World Domination Week, with the launch of my manifesto and ev... Read More

Next Stop, Baltics & Beyond

I’m heading out on my next overseas adventure early tomorrow morning. I’m going on an independent journey through the Baltics (Latvia, Estonia, Finland), over to St. Petersburg in Russia, and then on to a couple o... Read More

AONC Video Update: Manifesto Follow-Up

Hello everyone, thank you for reading my manifesto on world domination. Here is the first-ever Art of Nonconformity video update! I should warn you first that this is good (I think) but not great. My friend Ken, the amazing v... Read More

The Whole Truth and Nothing But the Truth

My nice university-sponsored health insurance is ending soon, so I thought it would be good to go in for a check-up. On Friday morning I headed down to the university clinic right next to where I used to go to school. The goo... Read More

World Domination Release Schedule

Due to the upcoming manifesto launch on Tuesday, my publication schedule will be a bit different this week. Over the weekend I’ll be sending a short preview of the world domination report to everyone who is on my email news... Read More

How To Run 26.2 Miles on the Open Sea

Hi everyone… I had a bit of an adventure last week. My parents and little sister came to visit in Seattle, and we took a 7-night cruise to Alaska. A few years ago the ship we were on caught on fire during a Caribbean cruise... Read More

Lessons Learned in My First 90 Days of Writing

I realized recently that it’s been about 90 days since I started this web site and committed to the publishing schedule of three essays per week. I thought it would be good to summarize what I’ve learned, including the mi... Read More

You Are Incredibly Rich

If you’re reading this essay, I have some good news for you today: the odds are that you are very well-off in the financial sense. In fact, in case you’ve never realized it before, you are incredibly rich. Surprise! You m... Read More

Giving Up the Lottery Fantasy

Ever play the lottery? If you have, did you spend a few seconds thinking about what it would be like to win when you scratched off that ticket or selected your magic numbers? Don’t lie—no one is listening except yourself.... Read More

Site Update: May 2008

Live from British Columbia This month’s Site Update takes place from the Amtrak Cascades train heading south to Seattle after a quick trip up to Vancouver, Canada. I had to go to the Vancouver airport to pick up my next Rou... Read More